So my favorite program to use EVER is Microsoft Publisher.  I use it for everything except word processing.  I would even rather use it than GIMP or Photoshop for almost everything. I made my Dec. Daily with it and a few digi scrap pages, I’ve made desktop backgrounds and a  couple keep calm and follow posters.  My latest publisher creations are:

march desktop background

keep calm

I am trying harder to learn GIMP and Photoshop but Publisher is just so easy!


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Time Flies!

Yes it’s been forever since I blogged but it honestly feels like it was just last week since the time is flying by so fast!  I cannot believe it’s March already much less 2013!  We stay so busy that the days start running together.  Christmas was just a blur, it was not the same without my Dad.  I was just waiting for it to be over.  I went through all the motions for the boys because they love that time of the year.  I’m hoping next year will be better!  Ethan turned 10 on February 3rd!  Double digits and boy do I feel old.  He had a Super Bowl party since he loves football and his bday was the day of the Super Bowl.   He invited just a few friends over to the house to play football, watch football and eat football food!  I think he had a great time.  The only thing I’m disappointed in, is I did not take many pictures.  Boys are needy and I felt like I was doing something for one of them the whole time.  🙂

2013-02-03_1359928531 2013-02-04_1359944936 2013-02-04_1359945031I made his football cake, that was a must have!  It was an oreo cake with crumbled oreos in the cake batter.  It was quite yummy.  Who knew that the table centerpiece could double as a party hat.  The pic of Ethan blowing out his candles was taken by my friend Amie, its my favorite.  Of course Jonas is in the pic smiling for the camera, he kinda likes to have his picture taken.  All of his friends got him gift cards for his birthday which he LOVED!  He used them to buy Madden 13 and Fifa 13 for the Wii.  I really think he had a great time!  And now Jonas is asking where he can have his party and what theme to have, his bday isn’t til August!  🙂


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Jonas again!

My Jonas keeps me hopping. He is definitely his own person! He can go from happy to mad to sad in a split second. He is very sensitive and can get quite emotional. He is hilarious and always full of mischief. I love him bunches. He reminds me so much of my sister it’s not funny. Since I’m 7 years older than my sister I feel like I had a hand in raising her. I knew from the moment I wanted to start having kids I did NOT want a girl because I had helped so much with my sister and girls are soo much drama! Well I didn’t get a girl but I got Jonas. He is my drama child and does things just like my sister. It’s soo funny how much they are alike in their mannerisms, thoughts, and sassiness. Anyway, I love them both and wouldn’t change a thing. Here are a few recent pics of Jojo and yes he wears his Perry pj’s almost daily. I have to hurry and wash them so he can wear them again and again.




BTW, there is nothing wrong with his hand. I had tendinitis and had to wear a brace so he did too. 🙂

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Jonas is 7!

I am amazed at how time seems to be flying by. I remember going into labor with Jonas like it was yesterday! It was in the middle of the night on August 25. I called my Dr and told him I was having contractions pretty consistent. He told me to go ahead and come to the hospital. We dropped Ethan off at my parents- this was the first time he had ever been away from me during the night. He did great, he was so excited to go to Granny & Grandaddy’s in the middle of the night. :). When we got to the hospital they admitted me, put all the monitors on me and I waited for the dr. Became in and checked me, said just to hang out and around 8 I’d go ahead and have my c-section. Since I’d had a c-section before with Ethan, it was a must to have another one. That’s why I love my ob/gyn practice- there was no unnecessary waiting or being sent back home to wait it out. I was there and ready so it was going to happen. I was about 37 weeks and already had a c-section scheduled for August 31st so 6 days before Jonas wanted to arrive. At about 8:06 Jonas came into this world and he has been a joy ever since. He is my outgoing, stubborn, full of life, smiles all the time child!!

This year I decided he would have his party at the park. He’s really easy going so he was fine with that. He chose his party theme to be Agent P (Perry the Platypus from Phineas & Ferb). It was too cute. We invited mostly close family and friends but I also invited his classmates this year. I usually don’t do this because his birthday is soo close to the beginning of the school year but this time I said what the hey,if they wanna come they will and if they don’t they won’t. About 5 of his classmates showed up so I thought that was pretty good. One classmate even sent a present to school since they couldn’t make it. He was thrilled getting a present at school.

I had no idea where to get an Agent P cake, I scoured the Internet and never found anything I really liked or thought I could do. I decided we would get a double stuffed cookie cake from Sam’s Club and write happy birthday or something on it. Then I saw a pic of just Agent P’s face and had an aha moment and decided I could draw that on the cookie cake. I went to Michael’s and bought the tubes of icing, I even found a Turqouise green icing by Duff Goldman that was exactly the same color as Agent P. Score! I freehanded Agent P’s face and fedora,it wasn’t perfect but I think it turned out pretty good.



Every time I look at him I still can’t believe he is 7 and in 2nd grade! He is growing up into a little man!! I think he had a great birthday and I’m soo appreciative of all our friends who came out to celebrate with us.

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First day of school 2012-2013

Even though we had an extra 15 days of Summer this year, it still felt as though it went by too fast!! We had a great summer staying busy with friends, swimming and tennis!! I have too many “I can’t believe’s” this year: I can’t believe 1. My Ethan is 9 years old and in 4th Grade, 2. My Jonas just turned 7 and is in 2nd Grade, 3. This is my 4th year at Paine Intermediate, 4. My babies aren’t really babies anymore!! They are growing up soo fast and becoming such great little men. Here are our pinterest inspired 1st day pics!





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I read so many blogs each and every day and long to be one of those bloggers everyone loves to read. Not that my life is spectacular or that I just have soo many awesome ideas to share, I just love all aspects of blogging. Sometimes, I really feel like I know the person whose blog I read and can really connect even tho it’s only through the blogosphere. Anyway, I thought I’d try to get back into blogging even if it’s only to document our life!! I love project life and have tried for like 3 years now to do it but it’s just too much. I either don’t have the money or time to print the pics, put it all together and embellish it so I think this will be better for me. When I turn into Super Mom then I’ll get the PL done! 😉

When opening up this app on my iPad, I noticed my last post was written on the day my dad passed!! That’s another reason I haven’t blogged. It’s been so hard to clear my head and think about what to say without getting upset. Not gonna say anymore. One day i will get it all out.

So for my first back on the blogging band wagon, I’m sharing a few of my favorite blogs:

Stephanie Howell

Lisa Leonard

Midwestern Girl DIY

Michelle Whitlow

Cosmo Cricket

So go read those blogs!


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Fun @ Grand River!

Yesterday we had a fun afternoon at the outlets at Grand River! My Irish Family had some things they needed to get to take back to Ireland with them so we headed out. I had forgotten how great the outlets are. I was able to get Harpers birthday present and the boys some new pj’s, shirts and flip flops. I found myself some cute madras shorts at the Polo store for $14 and got some more Nike shorts at the Nike outlet. I swear once school gets out I’m only wearing Nike shorts, they are soo comfy!! Here are some pics I took while we were there:





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Why is blogging so hard?? and more..

I started the new year off great with my blogging but that didn’t even last 1 month.  😦  I have so many things I want to record on here so that when the boys are big they can go back and look at it.  I don’t seem to get it done though.  I know I am waay busy but I do waste alot of time piddling around on the net when I should use that time for blogging.  I’m going to try and do better.

This past week was our Spring Break.  We headed to Knoxville to spend time with Granny Maggie.  She had been in the hospital with pneumonia on top of dealing with lung cancer.  We were lucky enough to spend a few days with her before she passed away.  She came home from the hospital with hospice on Tuesday afternoon and left us on Wednesday morning.  It was a blessing she went peacefully since she was in soo much pain.  Since she passed away at home I decided I needed to get the boys out of the house for the day so that they could get everything taken care of.  So we headed to Gatlinburg.  We went to the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.


The boys had soo much fun.  First we went to eat at the Pancake Pantry.  My munchkinz LOVE them some pancakes and I ate here every year growing up with my Grammy.  I really wanted to introduce this place to the boys.  They loved it and ate every bite.

Just had to capture this before and after pic of Ethan.  It was just sooo cute!

The Aquarium was tons of fun and had lots of fish that we had not seen before or that we remember seeing.  Of course the biggest hit were the penguins.  The boys just loved watching them and probably could have all day.

Granny and Jonas above and Jonas and cousin Brian below!

















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January 23,2012

Going to bed the night before we knew there would be a very good chance of severe weather.  We all made sure to have our alerts turned on and be prepared for anything.  But honestly I do not think anyone could ever prepare as much as would be needed to survive a tornado that hits your house.  The sirens began going off at 3:00 am, my iMap Weather Radio went off with a vengeance.  I laid in bed waiting for the storm to get closer but I did not gather my precious belongings and things we would need to survive if it hit our house.  Why did I not do this? because I am like everyone else and think, It will not hit us.  This time it did not hit us and we were ever so lucky but others were not.  Over 150 homes were destroyed, 170 damaged, 2 people lost their lives, and people lost their whole lifes worth of belongings.  At some point I heard James Spann say the storm was heading to Wal-Mart from 79, well Wal-Mart is practically in our back yard.  I grabbed the boys out of bed and we went to the hall.  Not sure what would have happened to us had it hit.  Lucky for us, it was heading toward the Wal-Mart about 2 miles up the parkway.  Once I realized it wasn’t coming for us, I put the boys back to bed and actually went back to bed myself.  Then i heard the neighborhood we used to live in was leveled.  I jumped out of bed crying and went to the living room.  Our neighbors there were wonderful to us, one elderly couple especially.  It was like having grandparents next door.We haven’t been to see them in quite a while and I was completely sick to my stomach that they were gone.  Later that day, I found out they were ok, it hadn’t hit their section but it did demolish about 12 houses at the entrance to the neighborhood.  The pictures from it are terrible.  This one in particular:

This really hit me hard.  We lived there for 2.5 years, built our house from the ground up.  I was part of this community.  All the while I’m thinking we could still be living there.  When the tornados hit Tuscaloosa it upset me but not like this did, this was too close to home.  Then I found out a neighborhood in our school district was hit and demolished 15 homes of our students and one belonging to our AP at the Primary School.  Again, too close to home.  Later on in the day they released the name of the 16 year old who had been killed in the tornado- Christina.  She was a member of our church, I grew up seeing her on Sundays, her parents heavily involved in church and saw her dad everyday when I worked at the YMCA.  Too close to home again!  This time I had ties to the tornado devastation, this time it could have been us.  Next time, I am going to do my best to be prepared becuase believe me in Alabama there will be a next time.

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Lego Brick Fair!

Sunday, I took the boys and Hanna to the Brick Fair at the BJCC!  It was awesome, the munchkinz thought they were in heaven!  When you first walked in there were different people selling Legos.  Ethan found the Ninjago Kai set he had been looking for and Jonas found Wall-E figures.  They had every set imaginable and at every cost.  Someone had put together a set to make the Alabama A and was selling it for $75, which is ridiculous.  Next up we saw lots and lots of builds.  There was everything from cars to robots to cities to figures.  They also had an area just to build legos.  The kids could have stayed in there all day!  I am so glad we decided to go.  We had thought about going to see the Coach’s trophy from the BCS but the day before I read on twitter that people waited up to 4 hours to see it, so I nixed that!  We had a great time and it was a fun way to spend a few hours on a Sunday!

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